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Obtaining a college degree from a four-year private institution was something I never expected of myself while growing up. In part due to the rising costs of a higher education, but also because I lacked the understanding of the vast employment opportunities that would be available to me with a college degree. The JLS Foundation motivated me to start thinking about my future through a competitive selection process at the beginning of my senior year.

The strategically scheduled trip to NYC, during the month college application processes begin, solidified my decision to apply.  In New York, we were introduced to a network of successful professionals from an array of career fields. I learned that I could align my goals with my interests even if they extended beyond any career I had seen in my small hometown of Hoosick Falls.

The JLS network became the foundation for my professional growth, and I still seek advice from this group eight years after the experience.  The JLS experience is truly one that never ends, as I am still reaping the benefits of being part of this family. In 2013, I was invited to share my professional experiences with the incoming members, and my second trip to NYC with the JLS Foundation proved to be just as rewarding as the first.

Jessica Abramovich
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