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As a senior at Hoosick Falls High School in 2011, I was honored to be a recipient of the JLS scholarship and privileged to travel down to New York City and meet influential and inspiring people.  Ever since I got back on the train to go home to Hoosick Falls, the Foundation has been a major part of my life!  As a finalist, I became part of a JLS network that is broad, effective and actively continues to help me in any way possible.

When I was searching for an internship for the 2014 summer, the JLS Foundation connected me with an excellent professional work experience at Starpower in NYC.  While an intern at Starpower I was able to gain a solid understanding of the advertising/entertainment industry through the many experiences they gave me both inside and outside the office.   The co-founder of Starpower was one of the influential people I met on my first JLS sponsored trip to NYC.  I am so grateful and honored that I can be considered a part of the ever growing JLS family that always looks to give back.

Mike Brewster
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