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About the Hometown Network

While in college or a vocational training program, many students focus solely on finishing the program or securing their degree. An often overlooked, but critical component is learning how to develop professional relationships and building a network of connections in your field. It can provide the competitive advantage you need to get internships, full-time employment and continue advancing in your career.

The Hometown Network was established to provide this opportunity for HFCS graduates, connecting them to the many successful and talented people who grew up in Hoosick Falls. Our small town has produced successful people across nearly every field you can imagine!

Hometown Network Directory

The Hometown Network Directory was created as a means to easily connect Hoosick Falls Central School with former and current Hoosick Falls residents in careers that may be compatible with their field of interest to develop a
relationship to build connections and a network of contacts.

The Directory can be searched by field of interest, name, year of graduation, college and more.  In addition it provides a means to connect with a network of mentors on LinkedIn or email them directly.

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